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HEPTODE Virtual Pedals

Heptode offers free download of VST* plug-ins that simulate DEEP CRUNCH and HEAVY TONE pedals.

HEPTODE virtual pedals


Please read carefully the End User License Agreement before downloading


Please read carefully the End User License Agreement before downloading

Unpack the zip file, and copy 'Deep Crunch.dll' and/or 'Heavy Tone.dll' into the VSTplugins folder.

Open the dmg file, and copy 'Deep Crunch.vst' and/or 'Heavy Tone.vst' into the VST folder.

Notes on use:

HEPTODE plugins are compatible with any VST Audio Plugins V2.4 compliant 32 bit host application.
OS requirements: Windows XP (SP3), Vista or Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Mac OS X (10.4.11 or later versions, Intel and PowerPC)

The audio sample rate should be at least 44.1kHz for best quality. The Heptode VST plugins are configured with a single mono input and a single mono output.
Click on the Heptode Logo for information about the plugin version.

If you plug directly your guitar into your audio card input, check that its impedance is compatible with your intrument (typically guitar with passive microphones will require at least a 500kOhm impedance).

You can use your computer speakers to listen to the Heptode VST Plugins. In this case, you should turn on the CabSim switch to simulate a guitar cabinet.
You can also plug the audio card output in a guitar amp, either in the normal guitar input, or in the effect return input, as you would do with the real pedals.

HEPTODE plugins do not generate any noise, but they naturally amplify the guitar and the audio card noise. Audio card inputs with 100db Signal to Noise ratio or more will give excellent results.

It is still difficult to simulate the whole behavior of analog components (analog pedals are still alive!). The virtual pedals are therefore not perfect, and do not intend to replace the real pedals. Quality also depends on external components such as  the audio card or the computer itself.

Current version: V1.03  (History)

* All registered trademarks belong to their respective owners and are in no way associated with HEPTODE
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