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We regularly receive requests for information about the two trim pots inside the Virtuoso Phase Shifter.

Just like the original Maestro PS-1A, the Virtuoso uses JFET transistors to modulate the phase shifting.The properties of JFET's vary substantially from sample to sample. In fact, two of the same transistors built the same day by the same manufacturer can have very different characteristics.  That is why matching the JFET's and adding trim pots is necessary in the manufacturing process of the Virtuoso.

All Virtuosos are individually adjusted by Heptode so that they will all sound exactly the same, consistently providing its highly musical tone.

We strongly discourage adjusting the trim pots as it will be virtually impossible to restore them to the original settings.

If, however, despite our recommendations, you want to change these settings, please note:

- B trim pot (on the left) adjusts the JFET Bias.
- D trim pot (on the right) adjust the effect intensity (Depth).


The Bias trim pot is very sensitive, and has a radical impact on the effect.

By adjusting the Bias, the Virtuoso may lose its musical tone.

Depth trim pot is also sensitive, but has a more limited impact.

In all cases, Heptode cannot be held responsible for a malfunction related to user adjustment of these settings, and requests for restoring the Virtuoso to the initial settings will be billed as an out of warranty repair.

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